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Sue Mink

My first encounter with Matthew was with my phone call to his number from a ‘For Sale’ sign. A few hours later I was in his office. He was there for me immediately in my search for the right property. Professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful in every way from start of my search to closing. Thanks, Matthew.

Meg Thompson

You want Matthew to be your advocate in the house buying or selling process! Matthew had our backs throughout the process of purchasing a house. He was never too busy to return a call or touch base. He helped to ensure we did not overpay for a home and connected us with people like home inspectors, mortgage lenders and insurance agents who helpe...

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Bob Ross

Very thorough and responsive. Followed up quickly on items that needed to be addressed. Excellent knowledge of the real estate process.

Lynda Grimes

We like Matt, met with him and he worked very hard to sell the property. He went out and put signs on the lakefront when we asked. He was prompt and closed on the deal, working late into the nite.

Gabriele Laub

Unbelievable professional and customer service! The 'Best of the Best'!

Sarah Dector

Matthew Hohnberger really looks out for his clients and is extremely knowledgeable. I have used Matthew in the past and present. He is diligent on his paperwork, you will never have anything to worry about. He is honest and respectful to the buyers and seller, making everything go smoothly. I would highly recommend Matthew Hohnberger.

Mark Welch

Appreciate all the work you did trying to get the price down. It was worth a shot. Thanks.