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David & Sally Murdock

Matthew is outstanding. We very much valued his opinions and thought he did a great job.

Alvin Brendle

He (Matthew) was the most professional Real Estate Agent I've ever dealt with! Highly recommendable to anyone.

Rody & Jeanette Houghtelling

Matthew Hohnberger was very knowledgeable, professional and displayed a high level of integrity and consideration throughout the prolonged and difficult real estate transaction.

Keith Bradley

Matt was great! Not only did we get a great agent, we also made a great friend. He is solid gold!

Douglas Drysdale

I am an Attorney, have handled numerous real estate transactions and have exacting standards. Matthew exceeded all expectations. It is fair to say that this acquisition would not have occurred without Matthew's professionalism, dedication and creativity.

Chris Harris

Matthew is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I plan on using him whenever I have a real estate transaction in your area.

Harold K. Tichco

I have worked with Matthew Hohnberger for some years and during that period I could not have asked for a better, more energetic, more forthright and helpful representative in the land sales than he managed on my behalf.

Tom Brown

Have done many real estate transactions in my life...best agent I've dealt with. Great experience all because of Matthew.