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Sarah Dector

Matthew Hohnberger really looks out for his clients and is extremely knowledgeable. I have used Matthew in the past and present. He is diligent on his paperwork, you will never have anything to worry about. He is honest and respectful to the buyers and seller making everything go smoothly. I would highly recommend Matthew Hohnberger.

Mark Welch

Appreciate all the work you did trying to get the price down. It was worth a shot. Thanks.

Jon Hanzen

Thanks again for the financial assistance in help covering expenses for the unexpected water damage at the end of escrow. And for the wonderful job in helping to mediate the difficult social situation for me. I just received an accepted offer on a house in Pahoa, Hawaii – Big Island. On my way in September, yay.

Mike Tortomasi

Thanks for helping with this sale! Always helpful. Kept me aware of interest in the property and made it happen! Thanks.

Susan & Jason Salmonsen

Matthew was very professional and quick to see our property. He worked hard to make sure our sale went smooth. He is very knowledgeable about the area. We would definitely recommend him for property purchase or sale.

Sarah & Mike Dector

I appreciate your hard work and honesty! You make sure to look out for your clients and cover every aspect of the real estate process! Thanks.

Robert & Wendy Riemer

Using Matthew as your agent means having no surprises, every detail and possible contingency explained. Professionalism is the norm. He by a large margin has the majority of the listings and sales in the immediate area. I strongly recommend meeting Matthew when you're in the area.

Dennis Blum

I can truly say that I have never worked with a Realtor who has been so thorough, so honest, so knowledgeable, so patient, and professional as Matthew Hohnberger. If you want to buy or sell property, start with Matthew. He gets the job done.